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Client Testimonials

When it was time to build our home, we knew we needed to choose a builder who we could trust. We had already used Jeff for a much smaller project at our previous house and could sense from that interaction with him that he would be our partner in this new endeavor. Jeff is a man of his word and continuously communicated with us so that we would stay on schedule. He has a wealth of experience and gave us excellent advice when we needed to make major decisions. When we first met with him, he told us that once he becomes our builder, he will be that for life. And that he has. We built our home in 2006 and he is someone we have turned to for help or advice over the last 11 years.

Most people say that building a home was one of the most stressful events in their life. We can truly say that it was a pleasure to work with Jeff and because the experience was so enjoyable and rewarding, we are currently in the process of building another home with him. Jeff is such a forthright, honest, sincere man and the builder any person would be fortunate to have.

- Kathy Leone and Diane Santillo

It can be a little intimidating building a new home, as there are countless decisions to make along the way.  Jeff Seddon made the process easy by providing guidance and expertise every step of the way. Jeff is a consummate professional and it was a pleasure to work with him and his entire team.

When we embarked on building our new home on LBI, there was no question that we would use Jeff Seddon as our builder.  Jeff has a solid reputation one of the best builders on LBI and we learned there’s good reason for that, he managed our entire project, start to finish, flawlessly!

- Diane and Mike Belforti

The 4 words I would use to best describe builder Jeff Seddon are:
I have dealt will many, many builders on LBI over the past 35+ years and there are less than an handful that I can refer to my clients with 100% confidence.  Jeff Seddon tops that list.  
- David Cowles

Jeff built our house nearly 16 years ago.

He always uses top notch subcontractors and the job gets done right the first time.

He always come thru if you have problem. He contacts the mechanic and they respond quickly.

- Richard Bradley

I feel so lucky to have had Jeff build my house. I have never dealt with anyone more honest and competent. When something needed to be done, he made sure it happened. If anything unforeseen cropped up, Jeff found solutions that were expedient. Most of all, I feel blessed to have become friends with one of the nicest people on earth. He’s one of a kind. 

- Gina Maria Leonetti

Jeff Seddon is an excellent builder. We are very pleased with our home. Jeff pays attention to details and overlooks nothing. I have observed that he has great relationships with his subcontractors and therefore they get things done for him immediately whenever possible. This insures that your home is completed at the time you were promised. Clearly one of the best on LBI!
- Rudy and Jean Wagner

We were lucky enough to have one of the most prestigious builders, Jeff Seddon, build our home on LBI. As natives to the island we knew how important it was to not only find an honest and reputable builder, but a man that follows through with everything he promises in his commitment to you. Not only does Jeff work with you in every step along the way, but continues to be your go to in years following.   We have recommended Jeff Seddon to many of our friends and about 9 have also built homes with him and all have had the same glowing results. All of Jeff’s sub contractors and his foreman are the same excellent quality of commitment. Another redeeming quality of Jeff’s business ethics is that he only takes on homes that he can finish in a designated time. When building and expecting to get into your home when you have contracted a time is so very important and Jeff delivers on this commitment.

He strives to excellence in his workmanship all that have Jeff Seddon build their home will be 100% satisfied and will enjoy the experience of working alongside with him and his crew. We would recommend him so very highly if you desire a new construction on LBI.

- Carl and Bev Reitinger

 We sure do go way back… when we first met I think we we were both teenagers! Wow, seems like a few lifetimes ago!  I remember when you first began your business of building new homes. I was fairly new to real estate and one day you stopped in to see me at my office. You had a written proposal of specific items you were including in the construction of a new home for one of your first customers, and you asked if I would type it up (no computers back in those days… Yes, we are that old!) And so your career as a builder began….
Soon thereafter you acquired the trac on Kansas Avenue. Your plan was to keep
the bayfront lot for yourself to build a home on, and you began developing the trac by offering to build a new home for me and Drew on one of the other lots. We were thrilled at the offer and once our plans were in place and you acquired all the permits, it took you just 106 days to build our house! And even with that quick a timeline you were frustrated with us because you could have had the house completed sooner except for the fact that we took too long to decide on flooring, which held up completion! Your goal was to have the house built in less than 100 days! Sorry we messed up your delivery timeline.   As you know, we were very happy with you as a builder and the quality of construction you delivered, so a few years later when we acquired a property in Ship Bottom we knew you were the only builder we would even consider to build us another new home! 
Since then we have recommended you without hesitation to friends and family looking to build new. You have worked hard to earn the reputation of being fair and honest and delivering top quality construction. We are happy to know you on both a personal and professional level and you should be proud of all of your accomplishments over the years!
- Ede and Drew Wilk

I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Seddon 16 years ago when my husband and I built our new home. Working with Jeff and his crew was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. The level of professionalism, respect and consideration was greatly appreciated throughout a process that could have been extraordinarily stressful – but turned out to be joyful. Jeff still extends the same level of respect and consideration if ever we ask a question or need his advice.

- Kathleen A. Sheridan

We have been fortunate enough to know Jeff Seddon for over 35 years and during that period of time, he built the three homes we have owned and lived in on Long Beach Island. I think the fact that we kept going back to Jeff for bigger and more complex homes, speaks to our faith in him as a person and as a builder. Additionally, over this same period, we referred Jeff to our family and friends, and he built at least 4 homes from those referrals. To say we are familiar with his work, would be an understatement. Jeff is an outstanding builder and an honest, straightforward businessman. You know that when you make a deal with Jeff, you are working with a man who will deliver a quality product and be true to his word. Another great thing about working with Jeff, is the way that he stands behind his projects. Over the years, if we ever needed anything addressed around our homes, we knew we could always turn to Jeff who would never hesitate to assist us. We are proud to say that Jeff is not just our builder, but that he and his wonderful family are our friends and some of the best people we know! Based on our personal experience of over 35 years, we would highly recommend J.M. Seddon to anyone looking to construct a quality home with a quality builder.

- Patricia OConnor

Jeff Seddon dad builds a wonderful home. Its the little details and fine quality that makes your homes a home. We have been here for 30 years now and still love it. If we ever decide to build a new home since our family is growing we would definitely use Jeff. We also have the pleasure of being neighbors to Jeff and his family all of these years. He has always watched over everyone’s home to make sure there are no frozen pipes in the winter and also if we have a storm he is calling let you know good news or bad. Jeff lets us know if there is damage and then makes arrangements to help fix a problem. Jeff is a great builder, neighbor and someone we can call a friend.

- Denise Autio

I am very proud that Jeff built our house. He took control and guided us successfully from start to finish. His excellent skill of time management and the communication between his carpenters and subcontracts made tasks run smooth.

- Wade R Bradley